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Dobermann is a very intelligent dog with a strong desire to please.

It is in the Doberman’s nature to be a trustworthy and loyal companion, usually gentle but as robust and tough as you care to make him. Dobermann is a great playmate for the children of "his family" doberman will quite happily join the family at the table and sleep in your bed....

In fact, dobermann will become very "human" if you forget to remind him that he is a dog! Doberman should not be nervous or aggressive in normal circumstances.

Dobermann needs to know who the boss is and Doberman will bond very closely with all the family.

Dobermann is a medium sized, powerful and elegant animal. The coat of Doberman is smooth and short with tan markings. Dobermann appears to be square in the body, Doberman is built for endurance and speed. The body of dobermann carriage should be proud and doberman should have a likeness to a thoroughbred horse.

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Dear Friends,
We `d like to introduce to you a Russian magazine “Dobermann”, which is intended for any reader who finds interest, fancy or love for the Dobermann.

The magazine “Dobermann”, helps you to get as much information as possible about your favorite breed dobermann and development of Doberman all over the world.

Magazine “Dobermann”, is a colored; richly illustrated edition, published from 1994 every other month, (6 issues a year). Most of the articles about dobermann are bilingual: Russian and English.

The magazine “Dobermann”, has next items, such as:

  • News about dobermann
  • Articles about dobermann breeding
  • History of dobermann breed
  • Dobermann Puppy
  • Dobermann Training

    and many other.
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    От: Иринланд Юра Юрген
    Иринланд Юра Юрген (о.Айрон , м. Хейли Хенди).
    Очень рада что моя собака именно из вашего питомника, отличная психика и характер!
    С уважением,
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    Dobermann Working
    Inborn Fortuna Alkasar (Irinland Duc Dufer - Diva Vivat Viktoria iz Gratsiano)Cheljabinsk Russia
    Our Dobermann Champions
    In dobermann kennel "Irinland" were born or produced:
    World Winner, Europe Champion, IDC Siegerin, Interchampions, Grandchampions of Russia,
    Champions of Russia, DSR National Club Siegers... see full list»

    Hello everybody and especially those of you who, as we, are devoted themselves to the best breed between all breeds - Dobermann (Doberman).
    First time we saw Dobermann when we visited our friends` villa in Greece. Around the big palace situated on the seaside and made of the white stone, on the green grass, black doberman was running and playing. It was a very impressive spectacle!!!
    When we return back to Russia we were sure that only dobermann will live in our house! And soon our first doberman Sheriff appeared in our family. Of course we never thought about shows with dobermann, matings of doberman or breeding of dobermanns. We bought our first doberman only like a family dog!!!

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    Photo of the Day
    Happy owners of Irinland dobermans (vote best photo)
    Irinland Shiva Shibuba
    and Little Olga
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    Glukoza and her dobermanns
    The most popular russian music show project called 'Glukoza' see more »
    Dobermanns for shows, videoclip, movie, showbuisness, presantations, night clubs, discoteks...
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    'Night watch' movie
    Irinland dobermanns act
    in the biggest russian movie 'Night watch' with very popular russian actors...
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    Irinland dobermanns on the photosession of the most popular russian rock-band 'Aria'

    see photos »
    Irinland Zar Zidan in a new clip of russian pop group "Propaganda".
    Erotic photos of Irinland Zar Zidan »

    Irinland Roksana Rikkel

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    Our dobermanns
    Irinland Airon Amber Ale
    Irinland Tomcat Teddy
    Irinland dobermans. Males
    Irinland dobermans. Females
    Dobermann puppy for sale
    Dobermann puppy from another kennels
    Youth dobermann for sale
    Adult dobermann for sale
    Dobermann matings
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