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Kennel "Irinland" (part one)

Step by step we came to the understanding that our first dobermann is not ideal dobermann . First time we saw real European Dobermanns on the IDC Show in Budapest in 1992 and were very impressed by Graaf Quirinus v.Neerlands Stam. We came to the decision to buy new dobermann puppy from him. In half a year we became the happy owners of Irinus de Ferignis. Becouse of Irinus we met with a lot of interesting people from all over the world , we visited famouse dobermann kennels, we spoke a lot about the breed with the professionals and one day decided to create our own dobermann kennel. There was not doubt that the name of our new dobermann kennel should be connected with the name of Irinus. Because of Irinus we came to this dobermann world, love this breed, find a lot of friend from many countries!!!

On January 26th, 1993 in a small French town Schoenenbourg, near German boarder, in a well-known kennel "de Ferignis" puppies from Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam and Alina v.Groneland were born. According to the popular statement "to hit the bull's eye" the puppy that looked the most alike to his father was called Irinus in honour of his legendary sire - Quirinus. And when it was time to give out the puppies, breeders, Gerard and Sonya Gebus, weren't afraid to give the best puppy to strange and distant Russia.

Irinus stood out among the dogs of the same age. He had features of a descendant of the noble birth. He belonged to the modern European type, he was aristocratic, clever, had an independent character. Irinus was strong and well-built as his father. He was notable for his strong bones, elegance, noble body line and beautiful head with dark eyes and strong jaws. Many breed experts and famous judges said that his head was one of the most beautiful and correct among modern Dobermanns. And it couldn't be different; especially taking into consideration the very fact that best bloodlines of great ancestors (of Sir's and Dam's pedigrees) were concentrated perfectly in him.

Irinus's Sir - International Ch., multi Ch, IDC-DV-Sieger- SchHIII legendary Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam was a main successor of a very strong blood line -line of Hertog v. Le Dobry - Don Dyan-Bryan v. Forell, that was a descendant of the very first Dobermanns and at the same time Irinus was a descendant of a noble blood line -Vivre-Vivien v. Franckenhorst -Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst - Dam of Quirinus. Quirinus was peaceful-charactered and possessed very good working abilities that allowed him to pass SchH III . Quirinus got many prizes at shows, became an outstanding stud dog.

Dam of Irinus - brown Alina "Line" von't Groneland - was a descendant of a brilliant couple: Baron Bryan v. Harro's Berg and Kalina v. Norden Stamm. Show career of Alina wasn't so successful as the ones of her parents, but Alina inherited their perfect conformation and character. In spite of her not very bright show career, Alina gained other, more valuable titles - she passed IPO III tests. Alina passed French (TAN-suitable for breeding) and German (ZTP) tests.

Irinus was a strong, very clever and reliable dog; it was even a bit proud-tempered. His behavior was always reliable. He got on well with family members, children and friends that came to us. Irinus grew up and built up well. Soon it was time to start training him "professionally". We decided that it would be better to train Irinus in the native land of the breed, in Germany. It was happy time for him - in Germany Irinus was trained by experienced French trainer - Gerard Avinion.

At first, very easily and successfully Irinus passed SchH I. The next stage was a preparation for SchH II and quite soon Irinus managed to get over the highest level - SchH III. Also, in Germany, he passed other very important tests: HD test (test proved that Irinus was free of hip displasia (HD -free) and eyes test (PHTVL/PHPV free) and soon the ZTP test (suitable for breeding-V I-A). Physically strong and healthy Irinus passed German endurance test ADPr. In France Irinus passed French TAN test without preliminary preparation and got CRC.

His show career was bright and interesting - he deserved his victories and many times got many important titles. Most important among them are: Int.Ch, multi-Rus.Ch., Deutch.Ch, Hung.Ch., Pol.Ch, Est.Ch. It's worth to say that Irinus was the first Dobermann in Russia that got the title of Int.Ch; it is still the only dobermann in Russia that passed SchH III.

Irinus won easily its first show at the age of 6 months. Its first victories, successful taking parts in competitions made breed experts and breeders looked at Irinus more attentively, although they kept an eye on him since his arrival at Moscow.

Breed experts found out that Irinus possessed the complex of merits that is very appreciated by breeders: brilliant pedigree, very good health, excellent character and perfect conformation. Russian, and later, foreign breeders and experts appreciated greatly one of the best sons of Quirinus.

His strong conformation, impressive power, athletism, body harmony, very strong bones, perfect coat, correct colour with bright red markings, perfect head, very good depth and width of chest, short and firm back, correct croup and tail set, very good forequarters angulations, excellent movement. Breed experts found out that Irinus was even-tempered, free behavioured, sociable, of course, they couldn't be indifferent to the beauty of our dog.

To be continue...

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