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  • Owing to the beauty, natural grace and showy appearance, dogs of breed the Dobermann (Doberman) always were a success at directors of films and music videos. The first film with participation of Dobermann terriers "The Kennel Murder Case" has been released in far 1933 in Hollywood. Since then Doberman terriers can be seen on greater screens.

    In some films to Dobermanns the central roles have been allocated even. For example in film "The Amazing Dobermans" (1976) five Dobermanns neutralize a gang of robbers, and in film "The Doberman Gang" (1972) specially training Dobermanns on the contrary, help to rob a bank. Besides Dobermans were act also in a TV-show "Colombo", in films "Rembo: The first blood", "Comando" (with Arnold Schwarzenegger), "The naked gun 2", "El Mariachi" (director Robert Rodrigez), "Gone in Sixty Seconds" and many others.

    As to musical videoclips Dobermans were act in clips of such singers as Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Snoop Dog, 'N Sync, Destiny's Child, Rammstein and in many other things.
    Madonna, video "Frozen" (1999)

    Rammstein, video "Du riechst so gut" (1995)

    The clip is very similar to amateur videorecording. Constant change of the staff shows us of six huge men - Rammstein which cost on a white background with the naked torsoes, "posing" for the chamber, similarly to photomodels...

    From time to time, in the staff get the running Dobermann and daisies.

    And all this the wild combination of colors, persons, dogs constantly flickers, replacing one another.

    To whom it is interesting: a flower in a clip - Gerbera Cass; breed of a dog - the Doberman. There is an opinion, that the dog belongs to Schneider. The clip represents apogee low budget.

    Text from:

    Kylie Minogue, video "Red blooded woman" (2003)

    Blue System, video "Under My Skin" (1988)

    Premise of the old, ruined factory in the north of Munich. Before a huge entrance door some girls in corsets and stockings sit. Near to them taking a load off feet people which kind inspires fear, with the exhausted persons and in baggy clothes have hidden.
    Inside the building has turned to the chamber of tortures. Everywhere cost huge a projector, in big a hall the huge mill wheel from mirror glass spins. On a floor instruments of tortures cost, on walls burn torches, and cells go down from a ceiling, other frightening instruments a fiery wheel. All looks so as if has risen from a hell. These sado-masochistic stages Diter Bolen It is sick itself has invented for the clip on a song "Under My Skin".
    "I wished though once to not remove at last beautiful and easy clips, and with group Formel-Eins, director Kaem background Kai von Kotze, operator Rolandom Villaertom (Roland Willaert - comment Diter often worked with it, "48 hours" - too work Roland) at all of us turns out simply excellently, " - has commented Diter on the project.
    In total for shootings it has been spent 200 thousand marks. Cost includes also fees of supernumeraries which it was removed 50 person, and rent of two furious Doberman, and the whole darkness of rats and tarantulas, and even one alive sazan.
    Nearby Diter during all shootings there were three nice models: Marion, Joana, Noleen in leaging roles. As well as other girls, Marion and Joana have been dressed only in boots on high heels, stockings and the open corsets. But as a token of from the union with the supervisor they still carried certain strange loincloths and circuits.
    And with beauty Noleen have managed very severely: it in fact not only have simply adhered to a lattice, but also troubled poor fellow. In fact the girl and really was in a panic from rats and spiders...
    Yes, and Diter there played not so real devil as consider many who the first time sees a clip, and on the contrary, an angel (though, in my opinion, by the form in a clip so you you will not tell). Prime-minister of a clip was on October, 19th 88 years in show on German TV Ronny's Pop Show. From the first viewing spectators were in a shock, from Dee such nobody expected. But all have understood, that Diter all the same various the person. By the way, during shootings this clip Diter also has been involved and in shootings in Moltke, Tatort.


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