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  • Fernando Magalhes об IRINLAND EDMON EMPEROR

    Мы приносим извинения за английский вариант статьи - русский вариант будет размещен в самое ближайшее время.

    HD A, BH


    The first time i saw "Edmon" it was during a dobe specialty show, in Oporto 2005, judged by Mr. Armin Hoppe, from Germany. He was not in a very good show condition - later the owner, my good friend Serguei, told me that "Edmon" got tick fever a couple days before - and he was placed 3 exc. in open class. Anyway, in a short glance, i could see a male of exceptional type.
    Two months, he was showed to Mr. E. Rosenberg in another dobe specialty show, and in better condition, he got CAC/CACIB/BOB, beeing his first winning in Portugal.
    A few weeks after, and after a long conversation with the owners, a phisical training program was defined, as well a training scheme to develop his working abilities.
    In January 2006, we decided that i would show "Edmon" for the rest of the season, trying to get the portuguese and spanish titles.
    The year of 2006 was really great to this beautiful dog, because he got the two iberian titles, winning all the qualifying points for championship. He got great victories in Sintra 2005-BOB, Oporto 2006-BOB, Lisbon Winner 2006 - BOB, Vigo 2006-BOB, Portuguese National show CAC-QC, Spanish National show CAC-QC and best black male, Murcia 2006-BOB, Oporto Winner 2007-BOB, Valladolid 2007-BOB. He got the title of BEST DOBERMANN 2006, in the national ranking of the breed.
    From July 2005 until February 2007 he got: CACs - 17,
    CACIBs - 10,
    BOB - 10,
    BOS - 6,
    BOG - 1,
    and several times in podium in 2 Group awards.
    As a stud, i think "Edmon" has a great potencial and a lot to offer, specially to portuguese and spanish breeders. Till now, he sired three litters - two in Portugal and one in Spain - , too young for the time beeing. Nevertheless, he is the sire of the best puppy of the portuguese national show 2006, judged by Mr. Marqueti, from Italy.
    Mentality speaking, "Edmon" is a stable and calm dog, with a very good prey drive, strong and calm bite. He is now in preparation for ZTP - in Germany next July - and IPO later on. Meanwhile, he got with his owner Serguei the BH certificate.
    It was a great pleasure and fun for me having the opportunity to handle "Edmon" during the last year.I would like to congratulate his owners, Serguei and Elena, for having such a dog, and also his breeder, my good friend Tatiana Kulatchenko.

    Fernando Magalhes.
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